Short Stories

Stuff I "literally" made up.

During my junior and senior years, I contributed short stories to SUNY Plattsburgh’s student-run literary and arts magazine, ZPlatt (now called North Star Literary Magazine). The piece I submitted my senior year, “Cliche Confirmed”, won the English Department’s highest fiction distinction.

"Cliché Confirmed"

ZPlatt Literary & Arts Magazine

(now North Star Literary Magazine)


He seems like a nice guy. You like the way he dresses and that he’s careful with his words. Two days after he takes down your number he texts you to meet him outside the flower shop downtown, where he gallantly passes out carnations on behalf of some cause. He hands you yours with a smile and you feel special—even though he gives one to every woman and girl passing by. Conscious of the cliché, you urge yourself to remember it’s just a flower—but when you’re a girl with a chronically forgetful mother and a father who never showed up to a dance recital, it’s easy to mistake a carnation for a promise. READ MORE >>


ZPlatt Literary & Arts Magazine

(now North Star Literary Magazine)

When I glance at the water accumulating underneath my feet, all I see is evidence. Standing in the middle of his bathroom—their bathroom—gripping her towel around myself, I squeeze my eyes shut—tight—hoping that when I open them none of this will be a reality. My anti-fantasy is interrupted when he calls my name from the other room. READ MORE >>


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