• Alina Walentowicz

POETRY: "Decision-makers"

**This poem and artwork were collaboratively created in honor of Independence Day 2020.**


Societies demand we dwell in discomfort

with Possibility and Ambiguity,

always improvising: “Yes, and…”

We dance, syncing in limbo

with arms outstretched —

our meditation imitation:

just hoping to accept

the mind’s next “just” cause

without Applause or Precept.

Please! Something to protect —

perhaps a source of pride?!

Is it not yet known?

Each owns a Self and an Other —

a negative space inside?

When There is up and Down is here,

Left is wrong and Right is near,

All we each on our own

must be ready to decide.

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©2020 by Alina Walentowicz