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My #Fall10x10 Challenge

I love dressing up and wearing a persona. Each ensemble represents new opportunities and experiences.

It's part of why I've always had an interest in dance and theatre.

It's also part of why Halloween is one of my favorite holidays and why fall is a favorite time of year.

To keep my love of style alive, and to get into the practical, "grown-up" spirit of dressing up this season, I'm curating a capsule wardrobe from pieces I already own using Style Bee's 10x10 Challenge.


Like the average person who likes clothes, there's usually more in my closet than I regularly wear.

Not only does this take up space in my apartment, but the brands I've built my wardrobe around over the years are ultimately also a symbol of the fast-fashion industry.

Fast-fashion supply chains create massive waste globally, oftentimes also benefiting from labor models that allow for unfair wages and dangerous working conditions for jobs frequently held by women. In fact, apart from being a major water suck, the fashion industry produces 10% of global carbon dioxide emissions annually, according to this article from The Guardian. Not to mention, COVID-19 has only made matters worse.

And on a personal note, with fewer places to be and people to see as a result of social distancing and workplace changes, there doesn't always seem to be a purpose in getting dressed each day.

There are definitely more pressing issues out there (especially now), but not having a reason to get dressed or create an outfit in the morning is a slippery slope for me, with the potential to negatively impact my self-confidence and my mental health.

It's for the above-mentioned reasons that I've become more interested in curating an intentional "slow wardrobe" with fewer but higher-quality pieces.

With all this in mind, fall 2020 seemed as good a time as any to give 10x10 an intentional go.


When I first read the rules for 10x10, they seemed easier said than done: select 10 wardrobe pieces, including tops, sweaters, pants, skirts, dresses, shoes and coats (first-timer cheat: I didn't count shoes). Then, limit yourself to combinations of those options for 10 days. Hats, bags, scarves, jewelry and gloves are freebies.


I was excited at the idea of "shopping" my own closet to create these looks as a way to also maintain sustainability in my wardrobe without giving in to retail therapy. This challenge helped me see the 10 pieces I chose in new, creative ways I hadn't thought of before. From wearing a skirt as a shirt to alternating the buttons on a button-down to create a whole new look, I was challenged to see beyond the pieces before me.

And as I weed through my closet, this experience has shown me what I wear most, and what I wear less frequently and should perhaps consider consigning or donating. Beyond this, I had the chance to stretch my Instagram and iPhone camera skills, since I posted a daily video for each outfit.

Overall, I'd recommend giving the 10x10 challenge a try and don't be afraid to put your own spin on how you share it, if you choose to do so.


  • White tank

  • Black T-shirt

  • Peach T-shirt

  • Printed button-up

  • Checkered button-up

  • Black cardigan sweater

  • Utility jacket

  • Blue skirt

  • Jeans

  • Wide-leg khakis


This is definitely a challenge I'd do again. Stay tuned for round two this winter!

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