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08.06 Artist residency program downtown

08.04 Harmful algae blooms at Point au Roche

08.03 BFA installation at SUNY Plattsburgh

07.31 Schools evaluate bus systems

07.27 Trail improvement processes moving forward

07.25 DOH travel forms in use at PBG

07.22 Interpretive panel installed near Champlain monument

07.21 International college student status re-established

07.16 Village recreates outdoor recreation

07.15 Bassmaster tournaments move forward

07.14 Electric "air taxi" tests flights

07.13 Part 2: Salvaging the women's suffrage centennial

07.13 City staffing concerns continue

07.10 July 13: appointments only at Clinton County DMV

07.07 Library still connects patrons with circulation materials

07.01 Part 1: Salvaging the Women's Suffrage Centennial

06.29  Statue on Cumberland Ave. ignites community conversation

06.29  "Trans Rights are Human Rights" protest advocates for equality

06.23  Regional Emmy® nod for Jean Arthur mural coverage

06.18  Tick season concerns

06.18  Clinton County DMV awaits executive order

06.13  Films shown at Clinton County fairgrounds drive-ins

06.12  Hotel developer responds to harborside RFP

06.11  Area's tourism marketing plans meet evolving pandemic

06.10  New marketing signage, banners coming downtown

06.07  Peaceful protests continue in Plattsburgh

06.05  Plattsburgh awarded affordable housing funding

05.30  PPE distributed to personal care professionals

05.29  Protestors at City Hall denounce recent killings of Black Americans

05.29  Grant funding awarded to county museum

05.27  Hair salons, barber shops evaluate Phase 2 re-entry

05.26  Some Mayor's Cup traditions salvaged for 2020


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