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"Escape the everyday."

From 2016 to 2017, I managed the blog at goadirondack.com, the official Tourism Promotion Agency (TPA) website for Clinton County, NY through the I Love New York brand. The #ADKCoast spans geographically from the foothills of the Adirondacks to the shores of Lake Champlain, with a strategic economic focus on outdoor recreation, history and agritourism experiences. I've loved exploring my own backyard while living in the Champlain Valley and continue to contribute to this blog!


10.6 Coastal Tales: Lyon Mountain’s Deepest Depths and Greatest Heights

07.24 Coastal Tales: Monsters and Heroes Beneath Lake Champlain’s Surface

04.08  #adkcoast Backyards and Beyond: Safe Outdoor Experiences

02.26  Foodie Fun for Any Season

01.27  #adkcoast Arts & Culture Experiences to Explore This Winter


12.03  #adkcoast Holiday Shopping: 14 Gift Ideas For Friends and Family

11.26  Ways that YOU Can Be an #adkcoast “Winter Enthusiast”

09.03  4 Beginner #ADKCoast Day Hikes + What to Know Before Hitting the Trails

08.26  2 Spirited Farm Distilleries to Explore

05.31  Keepin’ It Reel: Fishing (For Fun) On New York’s #adkcoast

04.02  #ADKCoast Beginner Golf Guide

02.13  Sugar houses you don't want to miss this Spring on the #adkcoast!


10.30  Where to #shopsmall uptown, downtown and all around New York’s Adirondack Coast

10.18  3 Adirondack Coast corn mazes that will test your navigation skills

09.21  Find out why these 5 Adirondack Coast apple orchards are unique

07.24  Adirondack Coast Angler Spotlight: Brett Carnright and Ryan Latinville

07.20  Adirondack Coast Angler Spotlight: Ben Wright

05.10  10 Refreshing Summer Drinks to Try on New York’s Adirondack Coast

02.15  15 Delicious #ADKCoastEats Under $15

02.07  Celebrate your Valentine with these 6 Adirondack Coast romance essentials


12.13  Mulled Wine and Other Delicious Winter Beverages From the Adirondack Coast Wine Trail

10.20  Spooky Spots on the Adirondack Coast: Macdonough Hall

10.13  Spooky Spots on the Adirondack Coast: Old Post Cemetery

10.06  Spooky Spots on the Adirondack Coast: Riverside Cemetery

08.22  Spend 24 End-of-Summer Hours on Lake Champlain's Adirondack Coast

08.12  Keeping Up With the Delords

05.20  Springtime Shopping in and around Plattsburgh, NY

05.09  There’s More Than Just Drama Stirring in the Strand Center Theatre

04.09  Golfing on the Adirondack Coast (for dummies)

03.22  Where to Find Easter Brunch on the Adirondack Coast

03.09  Making the Grade: How We Classify Maple Syrup On New York’s Adirondack Coast

02.26  Adirondack Coast Microbreweries: Savoring the Past, While Sipping On the Future

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